Wednesday, 15 October 2008

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Here's the pitch: An eleven-year old African girl, Gimbya, her younger sister, Bisa and their mother, Abena, face the challenges of the desert in search of water. They have been walking for days. It is too hot to go back, too hot and long to walk to the next village, even too hot to stop. Without water they will surly die. Gimbya is too tired and weak to conintue so her mother tells her the story of God and the rain; it which a man who knew how to talk to God asked him for his help. When Gimbya hears the story she decides to talk to God herself and tell him all the terrible things that has happened to her village, her mother and herself, in the hope that God will hear Gimbya and help her.

My film-making team and I are on a quest. We plan to start shooting in April 2009 and we want to raise $50,000 to finance the film.

So, as the director, Darren Fripp, I hit upon what I believe is a unique approach to film finance and so I'm using the internet to make it a reality: invest as little as $2 and you will not only become a credited associate producer but also a copy of the film on DVD and be invited to one of the many screening the film will take place once the production is completed.

Darren Fripp – I was born in London, England. I have been writing and producing short films for about three years and I would like to break into directing, and then eventually into making feature films. I will be joined on this journey by a group of young and enthusiastic British film makers.

I am using the internet to ask people to invest $2, which gets them an associate producer's credit. If the film makes any profits they will be ploughed back into a fund to make another short or feature film. Anyone around the world can make a donation.

Myself and my team are committed to making films that are innovative, distinctive, compelling and engaging; movies that create an intercultural dialogue; movies that make us contemplate our life's journey and touch our brightest moments and our darkest secrets.

We will endeavour to develop projects that have universal themes that embrace a wide variety of moviegoers and maintain high production values to ensure their commercial viability. This will enable us to compete with any major film studio and protect our investors whilst never losing sight of our main responsibility – to entertain. Darren Fripp.